The Effects of Inflammation

Finding the Cause of Inflammation to Eliminate it's Symptoms

Inflammation is the Cause of Multiple Diseases

Our immune system is a complex network of cells and signaling peptides (called cytokines) that defend and repair us every second of every day.

There are two arms of the immune system that work together to fight infection. If one arm of the immune system is compromised by chronic infections or environmental toxins, it forces the other arm to work harder.

Inflammation happens when one side of the immune system is triggered by something and makes too many antibodies.

For example, chronic infections can be caused by common childhood infections like mononucleosis and chicken pox, or from bug bites and mold exposure. When toxic burden or nutrient deficiencies are present, these common infections then become chronic and deplete the innate immune system cells resulting in inflammation.

Knowing your inflammation level is a big step toward healing and feeling well again.




Night Sweats

Mood Swings

Decreased Sex Drive

Weight Gain

Inflammation Solutions

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