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What Are Hair Transplant Alternatives

05 May, 2023 | Return|

Hair loss can be a sensitive topic for many people, especially if you feel like it has begun earlier than you thought it should. While hair transplants are a well-known option for restoration, they may not be the best solution for everyone. For this reason, many people have opted out of expensive, painful, and risky hair transplant operations for the increasingly popular Alma TED™ ultrasound-based hair restoration treatment.

What is a Hair Transplant Operation?

A hair transplant is a surgical procedure where producing hair follicles are moved from one area of the scalp to another to restore hair growth. It is a highly invasive and costly procedure that requires long in-office visits and may only sometimes be effective.

Hair transplants also carry a risk of scarring, scalp trauma, infections, and other complications. It's no wonder so many patients battling hair loss have gone searching for a far better alternative to their issue.

What is an Effective Alternative to a Hair Transplant?

The Alma TED™ ultrasound-based hair restoration treatment is a proven and effective alternative to traditional hair transplants. This technology uses ultrasound waves to invigorate blood flow to the scalp and dormant hair follicles. The increased blood flow stimulates hair growth, resulting in thicker and stronger hair.

Unlike hair transplants, this treatment is quick, easy, and completely painless, taking only 20-25 minutes per session.

Patients may notice improvements as early as one month after their first treatment, but additional treatments may be necessary for desired results. The treatment is non-invasive, uses absolutely no needles or anesthesia, and does not carry the risk of scarring,infection, or shedding.

Where Can You Get Alma TED™ Hair Restoration?

If you're struggling with hair loss, consider Alma TED ultrasound hair restoration for a painless, non-invasive solution. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and learn more about how we can help you achieve your hair restoration goals!

Integrative Medicine of Idaho offers so much more! One of the major benefits of choosing an integrative doctor like Dr. Mary for hair restoration is that patients have the option to maximize their results by investigating other issues in the body that might be causing hair loss. For example, hormone imbalances or nutrient deficiencies can contribute to hair loss. By addressing these underlying issues, patients can achieve peak wellness and see better results from their hair restoration treatment.

Don't wait any longer to regain confidence and feel good about your appearance!