Health & Wellness Center in Boise, ID

HOCATT stands for Hyperthermic Ozone and Carbonic Acid Transdermal Technology.  The HOCATT is a powerful tool for wellness, beauty, anti-aging, detoxification and mitochondrial health.  The main modality of the HOCATT is transdermal ozone.  Ozone is a medical gas that kills pathogens, improves the body’s oxygen utilization, improves mitochondrial function, reduces inflammation, improves circulation and and activates the immune system.

The HOCATT provides CO2 gas at the beginning of the session and when CO2 combines with steam inside the chamber, it creates carbonic acid.  Transdermal carbonic acid has benefits to the circulatory system and increases the uptake and utilization of oxygen at the cellular level.  It also potentiates the benefits of the ozone.

During your HOCATT session you’ll also benefit from several other companion therapies: micro-current (over 130 program settings to choose from), far-infared rays, photon light therapy and aromatherapy via essential oil diffusion.

We encourage our patients to use the Full Body Vibration plate for at least 10 minutes post HOCATT session to move the lymph and further assist detoxification initiated during the HOCATT session.  Please arrive for your HOCATT session well hydrated.

HOCATT sessions are 30 minutes